Energy Saving for Everyone

VAXIS Vertical Axis Wind Turbines


        VAWT Features                      

  • Bat and Bird safe
  • Larger swept area than HAWT's with the same radius.
  • No massive tower required
  • Lower construction costs 
  • No Yaw device required.
  • Less noise than HAWT models.
  • Higher airfoil pitch angle improves aerodynamics.
  • Lower wind startup speeds.
  • No turning to face the wind so VAWT's      are ideal for turbulent conditions.

Direct Current Air Conditioning

A Comfort Revolution from the Sun™


Millennia 1.5 Ton Package System                          Millennia 1.5 Ton Ductless Split System 

The SolCool all DC, Millennia  HVAC system is revolutionary in many ways. The patented low power Millennia is exclusively wholesaled through Ecofy, LLC. The  1.5 ton, 24 volt HVAC System  system uses  approximately 50% less energy than other high efficiency  conventional equipment.

• 24-48 Volt System
• DC and/or AC converted charge
• 1.5 Package and Split Cooling & Heating
• DC Scroll/Rotary Compressor
• Variable Speed Blower
• Wireless T-Stat
• UV Air Sanitizing, DC Lighting & DC Ceiling Fan Options

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